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Just thinking about it gives me gas! Chosing your Day
Strategizing Your Gas Use
How to Involve the Kids
"I Can't Let-It-Set!"
Ways to Cheat
Hybrid Cars
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
The Great Ethanol Debate
Electric Cars
Why We Created Let-It-Set
Our Vision
Advanced Strategies
Who is Creative Solutions?
(We Know It's Bad English)

Around the Web
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Free Gas-No Kidding.
Great Biofuels News: Algae Biodiesel: Cheaper than FryFat!
Here's a breakdown of the bioethanol debacle...and some solutions.
This will save you some money: Free 411!
A Map of the Cheapest Gas in Your Zip
Forbes: More Than Gas Cos. Benefitting by High Prices
$1.99/Gal Gas War Squelched by the Law
Every Question You Ever Wanted To Ask About Gas
Gasbuddy.com searches for the cheapest gas in YOUR zip code.
Miles per gallon/liter/imperial gallon calculator
Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)
Hey You, Stealing the Gas, Don't Light that Match!
Gas Savings Tips
Gaswars.com helps you find the lowest fuel prices around the globe.
Gas Conservation Scheme in South FL
Gas Station Charges Arm & Leg
More funny stuff
(You'll find a lot of humor within these pages. There are three reasons for this: It's got to be fun, or we won't stay in for the long haul-and it will be a long haul. If we don't laugh about what is happening, we'll start crying. This is called comic relief. Comic relief from the deadly serious business of taking our country back from the oil barons. So laugh it up...and Let-It-Set.

Get the Gear!

Top 3 Gas Hoaxes/Urban Legends
1. Boycott 2 Biggest Gas Cos.: Create Gas War
2. Don't Buy Gas for 3 Days: Create Glut
3. Petition The Pres. to Force Price Cut

Environmental News

PSST!! Wanna make a real difference in gas prices? Make up your mind Right This Minute to Let-It-Set one day this week. That's right, let the car set for one entire day, every week. You pick the day.
We've tried all the boycotts and "Don't Buy Gas on January 26th" campaigns, and they just don't work There's only one real way to affect gas consumption (and therefore prices) and that is by Cutting Down on our own automobile use.

We are an industrious and creative nation; we're also formidable when riled - and we're Really Riled!

It's wonderful that we live in the USA, where you can just jump in the car and run an errand, or go visit a friend. But many of us will not survive if these gas prices don't go down! Just a little self-discipline practiced by a lot of people can make that happen.

Join us and spread the word. There's no dues and no meetings, and you don't have to buy a single thing in order to participate! All you have to do is Let-It-Set. In the Parade Magazine article (Oct. 2, '05) entitled "How High Can It Go?, Lyric Wallwork Linik mentions how the Asian flu epidemic a few years back caused a drop in gas prices. This ain't the Asian flu epidemic, it's an epidemic of Really Riled! Because everything has to be transported to you, everything is affected by high gas prices, and the heavier (meat, flour, sugar) or bulkier (toilet paper, potato chips, paper towels), the more it is affected. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Airfares, home improvements, pizza, automobiles, - in short, life the way we know it is about to get more expensive. With most families already strapped with a high debt load, we are at a tipping point.
I mention these things so you will know it's true when I say this: What we're doing here is Important. And Urgent.
You saw this; others will too. Advertise with us today.
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